We make individual design

We make individual design, our equipment is according to the size of the customer, we can place sponsorship and team logos as well as any of your wishes in our execution. Dragonfly Atelier will fulfill any order – jackets, overalls, T-shirts, caps, hoodies as well as raincoats and motorcycle jackets.
The desire to stand out, to be the center of attention, not like everyone else, but bright, incendiary, charismatic - these qualities characterize strong and successful people. They are the ones who most often turn to the Dragonfly Atelier for exclusive equipment.
Not everything obeys strict standards especially the figure. People of high or vice versa low height and different complexions are forced to bend their trousers, sacrifice slimness or simply adjust to someone previously approved parameters.
Not being like everyone else does not mean that you need to accept and expect that everything can be different in another store. The opportunity to sew equipment that will fit like a glove is a great opportunity to please yourself or your loved one, so that you can have a great time together later.
Dragonfly is a leading Russian equipment and clothing manufacturer for modern dynamic sports and outdoor activities
Exclusive rights to all results of intellectual activity and (or) equivalent means of individualization (including, but not limited to, product designs, logos, trademarks, industrial uses) Dragonfly LLC transport
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