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Dragonfly is a manufacturer of clothing and equipment for various sports and recreation activities

Any story develops in a spiral. To make the next turn, to get a new opportunity and knowledge, it is necessary to repeat the previous experience in some way. And history is also a series of accidents, which together sometimes create a true masterpiece. The history of the Dragonfly company is the same series of accidents that eventually merged into one of the best productions of clothing and equipment for outdoor activities in Russia. And it's also a story of people who do their job professionally.
Many large international corporations started their journey with small premises (as a rule, they choose a garage) and ambitious tasks. Dragonfly company also at the beginning of its journey (2011) huddled in a small room in one of the production zones of Yekaterinburg.
With the advent of Rinat in 2013 a range of products was expanded and in addition to balaclavas and raincoats, complex products have been appeared (the first winter suits) as well as production volume tripled.
In 2015, the Sobolevs concentrated their efforts in a new direction, and their place in Dragonfly was taken by Viktor Utkin, who became CEO and majority shareholder. He directed his extensive experience in management activities to setting up business processes.
Completing the next round of its development, the Company from the city where the borders of Europe and Asia intersect, reaches a new level.
Now Dragonfly is a manufacturer of clothing and equipment for various sports and recreation activities; a company that presents its products in dozens of countries. And, most importantly, this is just the beginning!
Dragonfly is a leading Russian equipment and clothing manufacturer for modern dynamic sports and outdoor activities
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