Fabric and accessories

Each model has its own fabric. We use Dermizax EV (Japan) when sewing SuperLight jumpsuits.

Extreme 2.0 series jumpsuits are sewn from PDFTEX (South Korea) and when we start producing the Gravity series we prefer TORAY DELFY membrane fabric (Japan). Our best EVO raincoats are made from FINETEX fabric. But this is only the basis. Reinforcements on Kevlar, cordura in the most "wiped" areas increase the wear resistance of the product. In motor products (jackets, hoodies, shirts) SAS-TEC or ImacTec protection is mandatory. Most of our products use a new generation insulation with Premium latex.
Fabric is just the tip of the iceberg. We approach the choice of accessories and threads very carefully. Each of our products is thought out to the smallest detail and, choosing Dragonfly, you can be absolutely sure of the quality of the products.
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